Waterless Car Wash: Is It Possible?


Today, vehicles may be cleaned using little or no water — for instance, using a steam car wash. Another eco-friendly way is the ‘no water car wash’ or ‘spray-on car wash.’ The results are similar to a full automatic wash, but the process is more sustainable. You may be surprised to learn that cleaning your car without H2O is easier! But does it mean a car wash station does not need a water supply?

Impressive Efficiency

Unlike a steam cleaner for cars, waterless wash requires chemicals. Detergents used for this procedure are more advanced than regular shampoos. The properties of the cleaning agents compensate for the lack of water. This makes the method less sustainable than a steam car wash machine, but more sustainable than the automatic method. 

Cars may be washed in more narrow spaces. If you used a hose or pressure washer for detailing, you would need 50-100 gallons of water. With a waterless solution, just one bucket for towel rising will suffice. 

How It Works 

The sprays contain high lubricity compounds, so particles of dust and dirt are encapsulated. The bodywork is washed and polished. The chemicals remove dirt more efficiently than conventional methods. All you need to do is spray the exterior and wipe it off. 

Waterless methods do not work that well on vehicles caked in mud. In the case of mild dirt, there is hardly a better alternative except for the Fortador steam cleaner. Did you know that water can harm your bodywork? If you clean the wrong way, it leaves marks. This does not happen with waterless solutions if you use a soft microfiber towel to remove them.

Overview of Products

You can wash your car in a waterless fashion using detergents from brands like Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys. A gallon of the cleaner will be enough for 5-6 washes. It is not difficult to find high-quality cleaners. The total costs are $30 on average. 

Sustainable Way 

Have you ever wondered how much water is used at car washes? For a sedan, up to 140 gallons for DIY cleaning, and around 45 gallons for a commercial wash! Stations may reclaim this water, but not all of it and not always. 

Now, how does a waterless wash compare? The amount of water is laughable — only a couple of buckets for 4-6 oz of the formula! One more gallon may be required for heavy dirt. 

Our Verdict

As you can see, some water is still necessary, so a self-service station would not be completely waterless. In addition, it would use stronger chemicals. If you would like to clean your vehicle without chemicals, check the steam car wash price. This is the most eco-friendly solution invented to date. You can use a car wash steamer as often as you need, anywhere. One gallon of water is usually enough for an entire car!

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