Too Much Snow Foam: How to Wash Your Car Economically


Snow foam is a method of contactless car washing. The detergent can remove some of the dirt, and it is included in regular cleaning regimes. If the vehicle has only mild dust and dirt, snow foam could be enough. If its pH is neutral, it will keep any wax and sealants intact. But how can you make sure you are not using too much of it?

How Foam Is Used

This method requires chemicals and water, which makes it less sustainable than a steam car wash. In addition, there is one big problem: proper dilution. If the mixture is too thick, or too light, you have a problem. The rule of thumb is sticking to a 1:10 ratio, so you need ten parts of water for one part of the foam. However, this is not precise. 

To be safe, read the instructions. Foam products vary, and every manufacturer has specific guidelines. If you want the cleaning agent to work as intended, use it properly. The ratio is always specified on the package. Using the Fortador steam cleaner for cars eliminates this issue altogether. 

Comparison of Methods

Snow foam may be used in two ways. First, it works with a pressurized washer equipped with the right attachment. Secondly, you can do it with an old-school pump sprayer. 

A washer is preferable, as it is quicker, easier to use, and usually more effective. In either case, snow foam is less effective than a steam cleaner. So, what could happen if the foam is diluted wrongly? 

Possible Problems

    • If the mixture is too thick, it will not run off the surface. It must dwell on the exterior, but also be easy to remove. 
    • If the mixture is too thin, it will not clean the surface effectively. The foam will simply sit on top of the dirt, even if you give it enough time to soak. In this case, what is the point of foam? This is wasted effort. You could achieve better results with a steam car wash machine and zero chemicals.

Tip for Measuring

Aside from knowing the right ratio, you should also take accurate measurements. For example, you could use a measuring syringe or a measuring cup. This will give you peace of mind, as you will be sure you are using the right amount of concentrate. 

Final Thoughts

The task of snow foaming a car may seem simple, but making the right mixture is tricky. Play it safe and follow the manufacturer’s requirements. Use a measuring cup or syringe to ensure precision. It may take you some time to master the art of foam cleaning. 

Snow foam contains chemicals, so it is not eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious car owners should consider more sustainable alternatives, such as a car wash steamer. It is used without detergents, and one gallon of water could suffice to wash a whole car. Given the steam car wash price, this is a bargain.

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