Advantages of Self-Service Car Wash


Regular cleaning is an essential part of car maintenance. It helps you to avoid huge mechanical bills. Today, there are three options: taking the vehicle to a full-serve car wash, a self-serve wash, and using a steam cleaner from Fortador. Generally, this is a choice between saving time and saving money. 

Self-serve wash takes less time than DIY and gives access to professional cleaning equipment. You get the best of both worlds — i.e., first-class products and control over the process. While you still need to get to the station (with a steam car wash, you can clean the vehicle wherever you like), there are a few advantages.

Convenience and Accessibility

A self-serve station has everything you need, so you do not have to carry any equipment or detergents. Just park your car in an empty bay, adjust the settings, insert the money and start washing. This is much easier than DIY cleaning (unless you have a steam cleaner for cars).

Professional Equipment

Self-serve stations are equipped with top-of-the-range sprayers. They do not have abrasive detergents. There is no need to worry about damage to your paintwork. Once you arrive and pick the type of wash, you can get started. 


Stations allow you to choose between 3-5 modes. The basic ones are washing, rinsing, and drying. In addition, you can give your vehicle a glossy look by waxing it, or pre-wash it if the exterior is extremely dirty. 

These flexible settings suit all typical needs. Cleaning may be mild or intense. Moreover, you can decide how much soap should be used, or adjust the pressure of the stream.

Value for Money

Self-service washing is more affordable than automatic. On average, car owners spend between $2 and $5 per wash. As the cleaning is timed, you can start with the smallest price and add quarters as you go. To conclude, you only pay for the services you use. The less dirt there is — the cheaper. If the process is optimized, it is fast and cheap. 

Personal Satisfaction

Washing your car at a self-service station gives you a sense of achievement, just like DIY. At the same time, you have access to first-class cleaning products. The car looks squeaky clean, and it was washed by you!

Can DIY Be More Efficient?

Recently, more and more drivers have been opting for the steam car wash machine. This equipment guarantees the most sustainable cleaning possible. It uses hot steam to clean and disinfect your vehicle. No detergents are required. 

Considering the average steam car wash price, this option is also the most cost-effective. You can clean the vehicle as often as you like. Steam does not leave moisture in sensitive electronics. It gets rid of bacteria and viruses, so your car is perfectly safe for family use. Using a car wash steamer is the most natural way, and it does not damage the paint.

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